forklift loading a pallet rack
pallet jack forklift operator causes pallet racking damage
According to OSHA, the top reasons behind forklift accidents are operator-related. This includes traveling too fast, improper backing up, turning and braking; riding with a load elevated, and failure to warn pedestrians. We believed AI technology could put a stop to the safety crisis we’re seeing in warehouses and after more than three years of development on SIERA’s Safety System (S3) AI platform, we’ve determined it can.
Saurav Agarwal

CEO & Co-Founder, SIERA.AI


Based in Austin, Texas, SIERA.AI provides software and IoT solutions for industrial vehicle fleet compliance, safety and automation. With its three cloud-based warehouse automation solutions, digital safety checklists, SIERA Safety Solution (S3) and Autonomous Mobile Robots, SIERA.AI seek to elevate all aspects of supply chain safety. Learn more about SIERA.AI, visit our website.