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Autonomy and Safety for Material Handling

We help enterprises in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution eliminate powered industrial truck accidents and fill operator shortages thereby reducing liability costs and boosting productivity.


AI for Material Handling

Digital Inspection Checklists

Digitize your daily pre-shift industrial truck checklists, eliminate cumbersome paper logs and provide your operations and maintenance team real-time insights. You can sign-up for free and start using it today. Learn more.


Safety by SIERA is an active safety solution that prevents accidents with people, equipment and infrastructure before they happen while giving you unparalleled insights into operator productivity and safety. Learn more.


Driven by SIERA Autonomous Mobile Robots automate point to point material handling tasks. Whether you want to retrofit an existing truck or get a custom vehicle, our flexibility makes your life simple. Learn more.


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hardware agnostic

Adaptive Intelligence

Our technology is agnostic to the underlying vehicle. You can outfit most makes and models of Powered Industrial Trucks (PITs) with smart truck technology to add collision prevention and fully driverless automation in a matter of hours.


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Enterprise Support

3rd Party Integration

OTA Updates

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Training & Certification

Data Security

"We're glad to be a part of this program. The team has been nothing but top-notch professionals."

VP Operations, US-based 3PL

"This technology brings the vision of human-robot collaboration to reality."

VP Engineering, US-based 3PL

"Previous safety systems I've seen often cut power in a jarring manner, this will actually slow-down and stop the vehicle."

Industry Leader – Forklift Safety


“60 minutes, that’s all it took”

We witnessed first hand, how quickly the SIERA.AI engineer was able to add their SIERA Safety System (S3) to our MHE. We had our operator using it like a pro before lunch.

“We eliminated missed forklift inspections”

Operators were skipping mandatory paper checklists or spoofing them, now we actually know who’s doing it and who’s not. The randomized questions prevent them from memorizing the answers which we absolutely love. 

built for scalability & robustness

Proven AI

Robustness and scalability are at the heart of everything we do. Our products are built to exacting industry standards, tested under the toughest of conditions and certified to OSHA and ANSI regulations.

Getting started

Choose What Works For You

Making massive investments to jump straight from manual to fully automated operations may not always be right for you due to the risk of service disruptions, cost overruns and change management headaches. With our products you get the ability to turbocharge your manual operations and roll out automation through human-robot collaboration.


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