Missed Inspections Is a Top 5 OSHA Forklift Violation! Get daily inspection and impact reports in ONE unified dashboard. Know instantly when an inspection fails or an impact happens!

The SIERA.AI Safety System S3 uses AI & machine vision to sense obstacles and prevents a forklift from hitting people, infrastructure, and equipment. Using the S3 you get real-time analytics about your driver and vehicle safety and productivity.

In our launch episode of #ESPSeries, we join John O Williams, a supply chain industry veteran with over 20+ years of experience in warehouse operations management. John has spent the last two decades building and leading complex supply chain operations at leading 3PLs in the US. He joins us to talk about the intersection of efficiency and safety and how the two come together to accelerate safety in 3PL operations.

In Episode #2 of Efficiency x Safety Accelerates Productivity session, we meet up with Mike Millerick. Mike is a High-volume logistics network leader in the global consumer products sector. He has over 20 years of experience at introducing state-of-the-art technology and Operational Excellence initiatives to streamline systems and processes. In this session, Our CEO Saurav Agarwal and Mike talk about how he has improved productivity at some of the world’s leading factories and warehouses through unique and innovative efficiency and safety initiatives.