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Automatic Collision Prevention

Stop powered industrial truck accidents before they happen. Safeguard your people, product, and infrastructure.


Prevent Forklift Accidents

People Safety

Worker injuries and deaths cause millions of dollars in losses each year due to claims and settlements. The S3 system stops the vehicle even when the pedestrian and driver are not directly paying attention.

Product Safety

Damaged product claims hurt the bottom line of every logistics business. Forklifts are a major cause of that damage. S3 can detect your product including pallets, totes, and combos to prevent shipment damage.

Infrastructure Safety

Facilities can lose $100K-$500K each year to repair fixed infrastructure (racks, pillars etc.) due to damage caused by industrial trucks. S3 can sense everything from a rack to a pillar and stop the vehicle.

See S3 In Action

How It Works

The First Of It’s Kind Proactive Safety Solution

Prevention & Driver Monitoring 

Cloud-based Analytics

Risk & Productivity Monitoring

Monitor every operator’s behavior. Get automated notifications and alerts for risky driving. Get a unified dashboard to monitor all your sites. View cross-site metrics on safety and productivity and drive process improvements backed by data. Experience amazing improvement in operator safety and productivity over-time.  

Lower Insurance, Liability, & Maintenance Spending

Safety That Drives RoI

We  worked hard over several years with global leaders in industrial sensing to develop and refine a technology that not only prevents accidents but can be acquired at a cost that drives tremendous tangible return on investment for your business. Our customers have had an entire S3 install pay for itself by preventing just 1 serious injury. We believe that safety should not have to come at the cost of productivity or your bottom-line.

"Our company had been searching for an automated safety product such as this for quite some while and we're not aware of any other product in the market with the capabilities of the S3."

– Sr. Manager at Global Food Manufacturer

"We had an order-picker topple over and the driver nearly lost his life. The S3 would have prevented that from happening."

-Director of Operations, Global 3PL

works with all major equipment brands

Built For Fleets

The S3 system can be customized to your fleet and facility. Our proprietary technology allows us to provide you a brand and model agnostic solution. We have already deployed S3 on the world’s leading brands of industrial trucks at Fortune 500 companies.

Get Safe, Get Ahead

Join the ranks of Fortune 500s and global logistics leaders that have already prevented losses to product, people and infrastructure saving millions of dollars along the way.