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Autonomous passenger vehicles are all the rage right now. Uber, Google, Tesla, GM, Ford and other large corporations are caught in a race to win what the media has casually deemed the “self-driving car war.”

While those companies battle it out and try to warm up the public’s perception of driverless vehicles, one Austin startup has focused on an industry that everyone else has been sleeping on: the $400 billion market of warehouses.

“We’ll definitely see a lot of autonomous vehicles on the roads in 15 to 25 years,” said Stocked Robotics co-founder Saurav Agarwal. “But we’re targeting a hidden market by focusing on warehouses and production floors that have already been using robots for 30 to 40 years.”

Specifically, Stocked Robotics transforms existing forklifts to self-driving ones within two hours’ time by attaching an AI-powered black box system to the machine.

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