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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous robots for point to point material movement. Fleet management software designed to help you automate and scale material handling automation faster.

Driven by SIERA.AI

Mobile Automation Solutions

Robot Platforms

Reliable industry-proven chassis options including tugging with our 10,000 lbs autonomous tow tractor and tunneling with our 3,000 lbs capacity self-driving cart. Our vehicles navigate using SLAM technology without magnetic-tape, wire guidance or reflector attachments.

Fleet Management

The SIERA fleet management system allows you to manage each robot individually or an entire system as a whole with any tablet or PC. Manage and update routes on the fly, get productivity analytics or simply connect to your IT system with our standard APIs.

Unparalleled Safety

We built a name for ourselves with our industry-leading driver assistance and forklift safety solution. Driven by SIERA.AI autonomous robots bring the same level of safety. All our solutions are ANSI B56.5 compliant and use market proven safety-rated sensing technology.

See It Action

Autonomous, Safe, and Efficient

Automation for Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution

Meet T-10

T-10 Autonomous Tow Tractor

Tow Up To 10,000 lbs

The T-10 platform is ideal for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution environments needing to tug large heavy loads over long distances.
• Up to 10,000 lbs. tow capacity
• SLAM navigation requires no added infrastructure
• 8-hour continuous run-time
• Up to 4.5 mph max speed
• Integrates with most database-driven MES/ERP
• Optionally manual driven
• Multiple cart/dolly and tow attachment options

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GM & VP of DFW Operations, Mid-Sized 3PL

Driven by SIERA.AI Robots Are

Built For 24×7 Operations

Our robots are built with flexibility of operations in mind. Unlike traditional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that are expensive and need to be programmed to fixed paths. Driven by SIERA.AI AMRs are purpose-built for adapting to changing material flow needs.

Save Time, Save Money

The coronavirus pandemic has threatened essential supply chains across the globe. Automation of non-value add tasks is no longer a distant dream. Work with us to get started on your journey to full-scale material handling automation.