Introducing Software-Defined Logistics

Full self-driving plugin for manual Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and traditional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).


Fleet management and routing engine with universal WMS/ERP integration hooks for any mobile robot fleet.


Advanced driver assistance for accident prevention and productivity analytics for human-centric operations.


  • WMS/ERP Integration

  • Proactive Safety

  • Full Self-Driving

  • Infrastructure-free Navigation

  • Fleet Management

  • Deep Analytics


Our products tie the human and automation elements together in your logistics operations to help drive safety, cost savings, and productivity improvements. Traditional AGV OEMs can save $25M-$30M in R&D costs by licensing our software for infrastructure-free autonomy and fleet management instead of developing and certifying a new solution from scratch. End-customers can leverage their existing investments in MHE fleets by using our capability to bring advanced driver-assistance and autonomy to their existing manual fleets. We sit at the forefront of logistics automation.

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