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Cloud-based Inspection,
Smart Collision Prevention, &
Industrial-grade AMRs

Some of the world’s largest manufacturing plants and distribution centers trust our products to keep their operations running.

Compliance, Safety and Automation for Material Handling

Accelerate Compliance, Eliminate Accidents and Fill Labor Shortages


Digital Checklists

Paper checklists and inspection forms are easy to spoof, hard to enforce and near impossible to track down. Switch to our cloud-based digital inspection checklists that work with any smartphone or tablet. Get instantly notified of flagged issues. Accelerate audits and regulatory (OSHA) compliance with automated reports. Screen Workers for COVID-19 and Prevent Facility Shutdowns.

Safety And Collision Prevention

SIERA Safety System (S3)

A truly revolutionary product that senses and prevents forklift accidents before they happen. S3 can be added to your existing electric Powered Industrial Trucks and takes only 45 minutes to install. S3 constantly tracks operator behavior and streams data to the cloud for analytics. Automatically flag errant drivers, enforce location-based speed limits, and track driver throughput rates to reduce your overall liability costs while increasing productivity. OEM licensing options are available.

Automated Transport

Autonomous Mobile Robots

We provide Tug and Cart AMRs for automated material handling. The SIERA T-10 Tug AMR tows 10,000 lbs and can map your facility and be trained on unlimited routes. The SIERA C-3 Cart AMR carries 3,000 lbs and can be retrofitted with multiple attachment types (conveyor top, pallet lift etc.). OEM licensing options for our autonomy and traffic management software are available.

Built to last

Industrial-Grade, Made in USA

Backed by several years of reasearch by top PhDs, our products are designed and made entirely in USA

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